Explanation of a Tech Deal

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Explanation of a Tech Deal  Empty Explanation of a Tech Deal

Post by Al Bundy on Mon Jul 21, 2014 12:15 pm

Explanation of a Tech Deal

A tech deal is when you find a tech buyer; he sends you 6 million dollars in aid. You use that 6 million to buy 100 levels of technology. After that 100 levels is purchased the remaining money you keep and use as you wish. After the aid deal expires (10 days) you send him the 100 levels of technology. (This is profitable for both parties because tech for high level nation is millions of dollars, small level nation can buy it for thousands.)

Suggestions: Buy the 100 levels of tech right when you receive the money, otherwise money is easy to loose in a war. Also only keep around 100 levels of tech at a time, having more and purchasing it cost you more money and its not as profitable for you. If you have multiple deals at a time just hold onto the money do exceed the 100 levels as mentioned above.

Tech deals are a great way to grow you nations.

Any questions contact me or solace. Also we know tech buyers so let us know if interested.
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