Blood Pact (Sparta & AW)

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Blood Pact (Sparta & AW) Empty Blood Pact (Sparta & AW)

Post by Al Bundy on Wed Jul 08, 2015 12:56 am

Blood Pac(t)


The night is dark and full of terrors, and knowing the world to be such, the two Packs of Sparta and Alpha Wolves come together to sign this here pact, written in blood. Winter is Coming! And only the Lord Bob knows what it holds in store.

Article I. Blood of the Pack

Both Packs acknowledge the existence of the other as an independent, sovereign pack, governed by their own laws and free from external pressures. Both Packs also agree to acknowledge the lawful leadership of one another, unless they are mistaken for someone else in communication channels and given valuable information.

Article II. Truth of the Lord of Bob

In the event that either Pack comes into possession of information that may in any way pertain to the security of the other, this information must be shared at the earliest opportunity. If the information is acquired through false identification, then a recorded transcript of the information is to be provided, for comedic purposes, and the guilty shall be burned for the glory of the Lord of Bob!

Article III. Peace among Wolves

As both are bound by blood, neither Pack shall engage in hostile actions against the other, including the use of military equipment, spying, economic sanctions, or any other actions that could be considered an act of war.

Article IV. Winter is Coming!

Upon the eventual invasion of a Pack’s hunting grounds by the undead legions of the White Walkers, the other Pack is obligated to come to the aid of the attacked party, using any and all means necessary, including obsidian, Valyrian steel, and RS-24 Yars ICBM's, should the attacked request assistance.

Article V. Blood and Fire!

In the event that one pack wishes to go Aegon on a third party, the other pack has the option, but is not obligated, to assist the former using any means deemed appropriate.

Article VI. Blood Magic

In the case that either Pack wishes to be released from its blood pact, it must begin the appropriate blood magic 72 hours before the desired end date.

Signed for Sparta,
Faroah, Archagetai
DeathAdder, Basileus
ForSparta, Archephor
Jessica Rabbit, Ephor of Lykoi
Cazaric, Ephor of Philoxenia
Wilhelm the Demented, Ephor of Mesoa
MrGed, Elder of Philoxenia
ComradeVader007, Elder of Mesoa and Master of all that is Beardly
whitetigger, Advisor
Ghux, Archagetai's tool
Enzos, signed for 100 tech

Signed for Alpha Wolves,
Malakarlian- Alpha Wolf
Al Bundy- Beta Wolf (Foreign Diplomat)
Ric Rast- Delta Wolf (Domestic Diplomat)
Airindale -Sentinel Wolf (Minister of Defense)
Al Bundy
Al Bundy

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