Hungry Like The Wolf Accords (ODOAP)

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Hungry Like The Wolf Accords (ODOAP) Empty Hungry Like The Wolf Accords (ODOAP)

Post by Al Bundy on Tue Nov 17, 2015 7:55 pm

Hungry Like The Wolf Accords


The Alpha Wolves join forces with the World Freedom Federation to continue friendship between the two growing alliances.

Article I. Freedom (Mel Gibson yelling)

Both Alliances acknowledge the existence of the other as an independent, sovereign alliance, governed by their own laws and free from external pressures.

Article II. Wolf and Plane Communication

If either alliances comes into possession of information that may in any way pertain to the security of the other, this information must be shared at the earliest opportunity.

Article III. Peace between Friends

Neither alliance shall engage in unfriendly actions against the other, including the use of military equipment, spying, economic sanctions, or any other actions that could be considered an act of war. The only way acts of war will be committed is if the pansy orders the attack between the two alliances.

Article IV. War is here

If either the Alpha Wolves or World Freedom Federation are attacked the other has the privilege of coming to the defense of the other.

Article V. Disembowel, pillage or plunder?

In the event that the wolves or the federation wishes to disembowel, pillage or plunder a third party, the other alliance has the option to, but is not obligated, support the other using any means deemed appropriate.

Article VI. Eye to Eye

In the case that either alliance doesn’t see eye to eye anymore with the other, each alliance has the right to cancel this pact with a 72 hours notice before the desired end date.


Alpha Wolves

Malakaralian- Alpha Wolf
Al Bundy- Beta Wolf
Ric Rast- Delta Wolf
Tja65- Wolf of Finance

World Freedom Federation

Nord Belka
A Floppy Penguin
The WFF Citizens
Al Bundy
Al Bundy

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