Definitions of Current (7-8-15) Government Positions:

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Definitions of Current (7-8-15) Government Positions: Empty Definitions of Current (7-8-15) Government Positions:

Post by Al Bundy on Mon Dec 29, 2014 9:59 pm

Definitions of Current (7-8-15) Government Positions:

Alpha Wolf- This nation is the leader of the Alpha Wolves. The Alpha is the face of the alliance. The Alpha has a permanent seat on the wolf council.

Beta Wolf/ Co-Lead (Foreign Diplomat) - This nation is the co-lead of the Alpha Wolves. He is in charge of assisting the alliance through any problems. He handles all foreign aspects for the alliance, and recruits for the alliance. The Beta also has a permanent seat on the wolf council.

Wolf Council: The wolf council is made up of 5 wolves. The Alpha and Beta have a permanent seat on the council. Other members of the council are elected into the position. The council votes on all major decisions for the alliance. It takes 3 out of 5 votes to pass. Council members must remain active members in alliance. The alliance will vote for the council members every year, during the alliance year anniversary. Council member can serve as many terms as they are elected.

Delta Wolf/ Domestic Diplomat- This position is the #3 in the alliance. This nation is in charge of the current trade circles in the alliance. Delta is also a communication hub within the alliance, if Beta or Alpha are unavailable please see the Delta. Delta works with Beta and shares information that needs more attention.

Sentinel Wolf (Minister of Defense) - This nation monitors the alliances defenses. This nation will work with each nation in the alliance to assist with preparing if an attack would happen. This position will be monitoring each nations spy count. If a wolf is attacked this position will make sure each attacked nation fortifies their nation, also will check their defenses such as defcon levels, threat levels, and improvements.

Elder Wolf- This position is well needed and only given to mature nations. This position will work with nations that show no signs of growth. Teach them how to grow their nation, also what improvements are needed, and help teach about tech deals.

Hunter Wolf- This position is given to nations that raid. They also could be asked to attack nations if a target is given. This mainly applies to nations below 10,000 strength.

Full Blown Wolf- This position is for Wolves that have been in the alliance for greater than 100 days, and that have shown a good growth rate.

Omega Wolf- This position is given to a nation that is in low standings in the alliance. This nation has been given a warning due to breaking a rule, but not serious enough to be kicked from alliance.

Wolf: These nations are nations in good standing, but haven’t been in the alliance long.

Pups- These nations are new to the alliance. Once approved by a government nation they move out of this entitlement.
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